wholesale hair Curling Shells

The Wholesale hair Curling Shells are uniquely designed to increase how long the curls or waves will last, reduce burning so that hair doesn’t get damaged, and make styling easier. Personally, I agree with the purpose of the Wholesale hair Curling Shells because I know that it has done all of the above for my hair.

When I ordered my trial of the Wholesale hair Curling Shells I got a lot of things with the offer. It came with the Wholesale hair tools heating case which also doubles for the travel bag for the curling shells. I received 5 normal C-curlers and 5 larger sized C-curlers. I also got two styling wants which are simply 4 in 1 combs that are very useful to have. Then last but not least I got the instructional styling guide and the instructional DVD with tutorials.

The total price of my Wholesale hair iron curler was about $100. I used the risk free trial first to test out if I really liked it and how well it worked. Since I loved it I just paid the rest to keep the Wholesale hair iron by Olayer private label curling irons company. I also got free shipping for the whole purchase because there is a special rebate offer online that is automatic when I bought from them. Originally, the whole set goes for about $163, but I saved a total of $63! The savings was great and the Wholesale hair iron is well worth the money.

The reason that the C-curlers work tremendously better than normal curling irons is because of the ceramic shells inside. Ceramic has a much lower temperature to heat than normal curling irons. And because of the design of the shells, the hair is completely heated and thoroughly through the entire hair shaft. This makes it easier for the because it sets, doesn’t damage the hair, and allows the curl to last much longer.

Another thing that is great about the Wholesale hair tools is that it takes less time to style my hair than my old curling irons and hot rollers. Instead of having to curl one piece at a time with the curling iron and then set that curl, I only have to twist my hair, clamp the shell and them let it cool while I do something else. While the curling shells cool I normally do my makeup and get dressed.

Another great thing about the Wholesale hair iron is that it actually takes less time than my old curling irons and hot rollers. Instead of doing one piece of hair at a time with the roller, I twist my hair, clamp the shell and then let it cool while I do something else. I’m able to get multiple things done while I have the shells curling my hair. Typically I put on makeup or just get ready for the day while I have them in.

Something that I couldn’t quite make sense of was the 100% ceramic shells. My curling irons before had a ceramic plating and even my straightening irons had that as well. What I found out though was the heat is conduced differently 100% pieces rather than just a ceramic coated pieces. Underneath the coated pieces there is a hot metal and pushes heat to the ceramic surface. And that is why the ceramic pieces get so hot in the curling irons and straighteners that are only ceramic plated. With the Wholesale hair iron shells they are 100% ceramic and let heat radiate and balance throughout the c-shell.

The Wholesale hair iron works on every hair type. It doesn’t matter if it is frizzy, nappy, flat or not voluminous. I use my Wholesale hair iron every day and I love my curls and waves because they last all day. The Wholesale hair iron is the best way to curl hair now.

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