Plastics Labs testing services

Welcome to Moldflow’s Plastics Labs testing services.

The combined excellence of the Moldflow Centre for Plastic Testing and Research and C-MOLD‘s Polymer Laboratory have been brought together to form Moldflow Plastics Labs. With the combined experience of 25 years and more than 4,000 grades, the labs are the leaders in material characterization for plastics processing. Moldflow Plastics Labs offer a comprehensive range of both standard and innovative tests to provide complete and accurate material characterization data for use within Moldflow and C-MOLD simulation software.

Established in April 1986, Moldflow’s material testing service offers a comprehensive range of standard and special tests to provide complete and accurate material characterization data for use with Moldflow’s simulation software.
With facilities in Australia and the US, we are able to meet the needs of our global market in a timely and cost effective manner.

Along with a comprehensive suite of standardized test methods, Moldflow Plastics Labs are the only providers of many specialized and innovative measurement techniques that yield greater simulation accuracy. Among our unique capabilities are mold shrinkage measurements, injection molding data verification, slit-die thermoset rheology, and proprietary model fitting.

The labs are an integral part of Moldflow’s software development and testing. This ensures a ready exchange of knowledge and skills, which drives the continuous improvement of testing and simulation technology.

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