Acetals: Delrin® – Celcon®
Acetals are available as a homopolymer (Delrin by Du Pont) or a co-polymer (Celcon by Celanese). Both materials offer excellent machining properties and are ideal for holding close tolerances. The high compression strength and stiffness of acetal make it a good material for high-load applications. Acetal is also available with additives such as moly dry lubricants and Teflon® fibers. These reduce friction and aid machinability.

Nylon is available in several compounds and co-polymers. The most commonly used nylons for industrial components are Type 6 (cast) and Type 6/6 (extruded). Both materials exhibit excellent wear resistance and tensile strength, with Type 6 offering slightly better mechanical properties. Nylon generally absorbs more moisture than other bearing materials and therefore may be dimensionally unstable in wet applications requiring close tolerances. Nylon is available in oil or molybdenum disulphide filled compounds which offer a lower coefficient of friction for bearings and wear parts.

PTFE: Teflon®
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) provides exceptional chemical, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties for many applications. The most recognized source of PTFE resin is Teflon manufactured by Du Pont. PTFE is capable of operating at temperatures up to 550ºF, making it a versatile high-temperature material. Glass fibers are often added to improve the dimensional stability of PTFE under load.

UHMW-PE: Duro-Glide®
UItra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) has the highest impact and abrasion resistance of any thermoplastic. These properties and its reasonable cost make UHMW a versatile material for many applications where abrasion, impact, or chemical resistance is desired. The low coefficient of friction and high-slip properties of UHMW make it ideal as a wear liner for handling bulk commodities. UHMW can operate successfully at temperatures as low as – 375ºF, making it excellent for cryogenic applications.

Duro Lube
Oil-filled UHMW polyethylene is ideally suited for applications such as wear strips, slider plates and some bearing surfaces where lubrication is desirable to lower the coefficient of friction. All additives in Duro-Glide (white) and Duro-Lube meet FDA requirements for direct food contact.

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