How To Avoid Mould Cracking Issue

How To Avoid Mould Cracking Issue

Crack is which we can see in mould .The crack in the mould will damage the life of the mould.

(1)  Unreasonable Structure design lead to crack and how to avoid

In the design of plastic mould structure, unreasonable structure design, for example, bolt hole is too closer to the edge will decrease the strength; the corner is not smooth , causing stress concentration, all these reasons will lead to mould crack  during molding process. For this structural cracks, because the mould has already done, it is not possible to change structure, we can only add frame to strength it. plastic mould

(2)  unreasonable heat treatment result in cracking in mould and how to avoid

There are many  parts in mould, such as cavity and core, guide bush, guide pillar, all these need heat treatment, to improve the abrasive resistance and prolong the mould life. But if we choose unreasonable heat treatment condition, makes big difference between spare parts material. This difference will lead to crack. For this, we should pay more attention to the heat treatment condition, controlling the heat operating strictly

(3)  The less stiffness of mould and how to avoid

Injection mould wills under big pressure when it works, if the stiffness is not big enough, mould crack will easyly appears. To solve this problem, we also should notice the mould structure, must ensure big stiffness and strength of mould

(4)  High brittleness of the mould material will make mould crack and the method to avoid.

Some material with high brittleness, we heat the material slightly, the HRC will be very high, Such as carbon steel material. So we should choose material with excellent toughness for mold manufacturer.

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