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This Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer Review is based on a great blow dryer from Twinturbo that really does deliver quality results. It includes a lot of the basic features such as a long cord and a cold blast button as well as some of the more advanced features such as adjustable speed and heat settings, changeable nozzles and a massive operational lifespan. Read on for a full list of features which will of course be followed by a complete review.

Key Features of the Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer

I’ve found a video that is probably just barely worth including as part of this review. It was made by someone at a trade show of some sort and features a short interview with a representative from Twin Turbo who talks a bit about this blow dryer. It’s a very short interview and certainly not the most informative overview in the world but it serves as a decent introduction to this review. Below the video I’ll have a full list of features which will of course be followed by a complete review.

As mentioned above, let’s now jump straight into the main list of this blow dryers features after that brief introductory video;

  • Versatility. Different flexible settings which are easily adjustable by the user of a blow dryer are important as different styles require different settings to achieve. It has become customary as of late for most blow dryers to feature some sort of adjustable settings and thankfully the Olayer foldable lightweight high speed hair dryer is no exception as it features 4 temperature settings as well as 2 adjustable speed settings.
  • Incredible Lifespan. As you will have heard if you watched the video above the lifespan of this blow dryer is actually somewhat staggering. It guarantees more than 2,000 hours  of operational time. Assuming you only use your blow dryer 10-15 minutes a day then this one will probably last you so long that you’ll want to purchase some more advanced one before this one dies.
  • Very Lightweight. Weighing in at only 490 grams this is one of the lightest blow dryers that I have reviewed on this website. Being so light is obviously a big advantage as it means that firstly your arm will be less tired when using it for a while and secondly that it will be easier to maneuver into those optimum positions for the perfect style.
  • Protect Your Hair. The Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer uses a clever design and advanced technology in order to eliminate frizz and deliver healthier and more beautiful hair after using it. Heat from a blow dryer is rough on your hair and so it’s very reassuring to know that Twinturbo have made an effort to protect your hair as much as possible.

More Features of the Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer

While listing the features of a product I usually like to split the list into more than one part. This is because it can be difficult to read through one long and unbroken list of features while still managing to stay focused. So, to facilitate an easier list of features to read for you I will now continue with the second half of the foldable lightweight hair dryer‘s feature list;

  • Cold Blast Button. Again this has grown to be a common feature and is included with most blow dryers, however it’s reassuring to know that this one also has the basics included as well as the more advanced technologies. The main advantage of having a handy cold blast button is that you can blast some cold air now and then in order to quickly cool hair and lock style in place … and who could complain about that?!
  • Easy to Clean. I love things that are easy to clean, especially with some of the stories I’ve heard about people struggling to adequately clean their non-removable features in other blow dryers. Thankfully the Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer comes with a removable filter which is infinitely easier to clean than one which cannot be taken out of the blow dryer.
  • Two Nozzles For the Perfect Style. This blow dryer comes with two interchangeable nozzles. These are very easy to change and this is really great for adding to the versatility of this as it will ultimately mean that you can choose whichever nozzle is the best to get the perfect style that you want.
  • Long and Flexible Cable. The power cord which comes on the Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer is great and indeed means that you should never have to struggle to stretch a cord all the way across a room just so you can style your hair in front of a mirror!

A Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer Review

Although this blow dryer hasn’t received too many purchases on Amazon it is clear from the ratings and reviews that those customers who have purchased it are very happy and have for the most part nothing but positive things to say about the Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer. On Amazon, there has never been a single review which has rated this blow dryer with less than 3 stars, with the vast majority rating it with 5 stars.

Customers have nothing but good things to say about the speed at which this blow dryer does its job. It has been specifically designed with one of the main aims being to cut down as much as possible on drying time. foldable hair dryer seems to have certainly succeeded in terms of drying speed with this blow dryer doing its job faster than most other blow dryers out there.

foldable lightweight hair dryer

Getting your hair dried quickly is one thing, but getting your hair dried quickly while maintaining the quality of the style is another thing entirely. Some blow dryers will dry your hair fast but will leave it very frizzy, full of static or even worse – burnt! No need to worry however with the Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer as it delivers such quality that it is considered to be on par with many professional blow dryers. In fact there are even a few professionals who have left reviews stating just how much they love the foldable lightweight hair dryer from Olayer hair dryer manufacturer because of the quality job that it does.

Another great thing to mention is just how lightweight this blow dryer is. At only 490 grams it is one of the lightest blow dryers that you’ll find anywhere. This is excellent and customers have been very quick to mention how much they love the fact that it’s so easy to hold while they style their hair. It is far lighter than most other blow dryers and so far easier to hold up above your head for any sort of extended period of time.

The quality of the Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer is unquestionably good. It never over heats and shuts off like some other blow dryers and it certainly seems to live up to it’s promise of a lifespan of 2,000 hours … there are some people in the reviews who have commented and said that previous models which they’ve owned have lasted up to 12-15 years!

In conclusion, there’s really nothing bad to say about the Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer. I should warn you that it can get hot when you’re using it so just be careful not to burn yourself. But that’s about it. This is an expensive blow dryer in comparison to some others, but it certainly is a case of you get what you pay for and you get a hell of a lot with the Olayer foldable lightweight hair dryer.

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