Drying Hair with hair blow dryer before Leaving Home

We need to wash our hair. Although not at all times, it is something that we should not miss out. We usually wash our hair before we go to work or to school. This simple task does not require a special skill. After taking a shower, the next thing that we do is we remove the excess water from our hair and start damping it with towel. After which, we grab our hair blow dryers and start drying up the hair. Some of us have the practice others do not. If you might wonder, why people do this more than often find it out below:

  1. Having a damp hair before leaving your homes, might result to a frizzy and tangled hair when it dries outside your homes. Therefore, if you walk to school or to work, your hair can easily attract dust on it. When it get too windy outside, your hair easily is tangled because the wetness bind them together. Therefore, if you have hair dryers at home, use them to ensure that this will not happen.
  2. You stay dry. Have you ever tried leaving home with damp hair because you were in a hurry? When you looked at the back of your clothes, it is all damp as well. When you enter work, you do not look that presentable at all and you look like you were having a bad day. This is most especially bad in cold season. Having wet hair can give you colds if you do not dry them up. It is also a possibility that your hair is easily damaged because it can freeze in low temperature.
  3. Having dry hair allows you to style it properly. For one if you decide to use straighteners, it is very unsafe for you to heat it with plates. This can result to boiling the core of your hair thus; it destroys its natural form. If you are fond of doing this, you will end up damaging your hair as well. Hair driers come in handy when you want to style it this way. It also allows you to save time in styling your hair because it is definitely, time-consuming when your hair is all wet and damp. You cannot also tie your hair up when it is damp simply because you are trapping moisture outside the strands and into the scalp. Your hair cannot breathe inside too.
  4. They use blow dryers to add volume and body to their hair. If you have not encountered this, then you should see how beautiful your hair could turn out after drying it this way. Check out the professionals. For them, it is an S.O.P for them to dry out your hair. No wonder every time you leave the parlor, your hair just bounces beautifully every time you walk.

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