Cast iron plate

Cast iron plate are used for all kinds of inspection work, such as precision measuring datum plane, all kinds of machine mechanical inspection measurement, check the size of the precision of the parts, and do a deviation, and make the precision marking. In the mechanical manufacturing cast iron plate is also an indispensable basic tools. Botou constant communication machine casting measuring tool . Is located in the south of the tianjin botou city, is the production tools, measuring tool specialized company. My company mainly produces all kinds of adjustment, crossed flat, shock machine pad iron, jack, can also be customized according to customer demand of machine tools of various types pad iron. Measuring tool series have flat feet, square box, and the true square, curved plate, V type rack (iron), partial pendulum tester and “00” class rock (marble) plate, measuring tool measuring tool, etc.

Cast iron plate design technical requirements according to the general law of the People’s Republic of mechanical industry standards JB/T 7974-2000 design, according to the national GB4986-85 standard manufacturing plate accuracy grade have 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, level and fine plane, plate made of steel plate and box type, face a rectangle, square or circular. The working face scraping process, working face can be processed V, T, u-shaped slot and round hole, the long hole, etc.

Cast iron plate work refers to the flatness tolerance plate actual working face and distance to the smallest two parallel plane distance between, the value that can press diagonal line method, the loop method of the test results obtained “base transformation”. Plate work surface flatness is a measure of the quality of the main plate precision index. According to the flat face flatness tolerance allowable value identify plate accurate level, so we must attach importance to flat face plane degree test. Flat flatness verification accuracy is flat use quality assurance. Material: is made by the high strength cast iron HT200 – HT300 manufacturing, face hardness: HB170-240.