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Polypropylene Plastic Material

Polypropylene–Polypropylene Injection Molding The Polypropylene market continues to charge into higher ground. Spot resin prices have been climbing weekly and are now up about $.22/lb for the year. Propylene monomer looks to be settling $.04/lb higher for November, and depending on resin producer, there is another $.04 or $.05/lb price increase nominated for December, so […]

Die Casting Offer Rapid Tooling

GC Die Casting Offer Rapid Tooling Cleveland, OH – Advancements in rapid machining and prototyping are being developed at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) that will considerably shorten the lead time for die casting tooling. Rapid tooling is important when a relatively small number of parts are required. This is important to DLA when tooling […]

Plastics Labs testing services

Welcome to Moldflow’s Plastics Labs testing services. The combined excellence of the Moldflow Centre for Plastic Testing and Research and C-MOLD‘s Polymer Laboratory have been brought together to form Moldflow Plastics Labs. With the combined experience of 25 years and more than 4,000 grades, the labs are the leaders in material characterization for plastics processing. […]

Cast iron plate

Cast iron plate are used for all kinds of inspection work, such as precision measuring datum plane, all kinds of machine mechanical inspection measurement, check the size of the precision of the parts, and do a deviation, and make the precision marking. In the mechanical manufacturing cast iron plate is also an indispensable basic tools. […]

Plastic Molds

Working with plastic molds isn’t always easy, as mold maker at  hyx mold, know. The Plastic mold company offers plastic mold making and plastic molding services for the automotive, electric, home appliance, industrial, food package, and consumer products industries. The company’s greatest challenge is to design and make the tooling and molds for custom injection […]

plastic moulding industry

plastic moulding industry A new report from Hyx plastic mold identifies the 750 most important manufacturers in Spain, where the injection molding industry is experiencing important changes. The process of consolidation and expansion that is taking place elsewhere in Europe is also occurring in Spain. AMI says in its report that many of the leading privately […]

Medical Plastic Material

Medical Plastic Material The use of plastic materials is for medical plastic molding, in the medical field is constantly increasing and is estimated to reach 4 billion dollars in two years (only in the US).The need to reduce healthcare cost and use of disposable medical supplies are important factors generating higher demand for medical plastics.New […]

Customer Service

Customer Service Reorganization of service procedures and additions to hyx‘s complement of CNC engineers means that service by the company’s dedicated engineers is now easier to arrange. hyx’s Leicester service manager Dick Westland says, “Only our own engineers and the machine builder have access to the most relevant service and technical information. This means that we […]


https://www.abceo.com/ is an independent portal providing technical information for  the polymer industry and end-user industries including the automotive mold /molding,   construction molding parts, electrical molded parts, medical plastic parts ( go to https://www.plasticmold.net/medical-plastic-parts/ ) to know more, plastic packaging and polyurethane sectors.  Over the years, in our effort to help our visitors find the information they […]