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Die Casting Technology

What is die casting? Die casting is a casting liquid die forging method. Die casting die forging process is a kind of special casting forging machine to accomplish the process. Its basic technological process is: first metal liquid in low or high-speed casting filling into the mold cavity, die with a moveable type cavity surface, it […]

New material of aluminum-lithium alloy

Yesterday, reporter learned from Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, the hospital in Temple One goal of the task assumed aircraft cabin structure and assembly of resources, power sub-systems, docking mechanism subsystem, control and communication subsystems supporting stand-alone subsystems and overall circuit Resource module cable network research task. Resource tank “fuel” an increase in total weight […]

The characteristic of die casting

High Pressure die casting or gravity casting, is a molten gold poured into the pressure chamber, to the high speed filling steel mold cavity, and the alloy liquid under pressure solidification and casting method. Die casting is distinguished from other casting method is mainly characterized by the high pressure and high speed. The metal liquid […]

Rubber Molding Parts

Custom rubber molding parts and extrusion are the focus of our Engineered Polymers Division (EPD). DST has over 50 years of experience in custom rubber molding and extrusion of rubber parts and products. We offer injection rubber molding, compression rubber molding, transfer rubber molding, rubber extrusions as well as cast urethane parts. We’re ISO 9001 […]


Acetals: Delrin® – Celcon®Acetals are available as a homopolymer (Delrin by Du Pont) or a co-polymer (Celcon by Celanese). Both materials offer excellent machining properties and are ideal for holding close tolerances. The high compression strength and stiffness of acetal make it a good material for high-load applications. Acetal is also available with additives such […]

Molds for Plastics

1 Fittings With over 250 plastic molds produced in the past two years for top name producers in the region in ASTM, DIN, and other standards, Sincere Tech has mastered high-performance fittings molds for PVC, PE, ABS and PPT with exceptional success. Typical high cavitation molds, optimized cooling, mechanically CAM actuated and hydraulic oil-free core […]

Aluminium Die Casting and Gravity Die Casting Manufacturer

From a humble effort to localize Bicycle Chains and Hubs in early 60’s to Worlds Largest Producer and now to a leading Supplier of Aluminium Die Casting, Machined and Painted Assemblies, the journey so far has been full of growth and full of passion for excellence. Today we are one of the leading partners in […]


A major advantage of rotamoulding is the low tooling cost compare to plastic injection mold, and die casting, is you are looking for China Plastic Mold Company, you can contact us. Since the heating and fusing of resin inside a slowly rotating closed mould does not require high pressure, moulds, therefore, need not be as […]

Market Speed for new products

Launch more products in less timeLeverage our broad capabilities, resources, and experience. Ensure qualityMaintain or improve your rigorous quality standards by utilizing Accellent’s superior quality systems and certified manufacturing, packaging and shipping services. Exceed your customer expectationsYour project is done right the first time, reaching customers when promised. Our Customers realize accelerated speed to market by taking […]

Plastic Mold Company

We are a plastic mold company, provide plastic molds and moding service. the last year, An important customer came to ST Tooling from US, CA, requiring a new servcie palstic mold and plastic molding company.Driver’s Side Airbag Cover in critically short time. Initial parts from productive materials were required in only 4 weeks. Several rapid […]