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China High speed hair dryer

Are you in the market for a new and reliable hair dryer that will continue to serve you for some many years to come? Well, you are not alone, there are so many others out there who are desperately looking for the best high speed hair dryer for their hair. The fact that there are […]

Contract manufacturer in China

Sincere Tech, contract manufacturing China Company that offer OEM, ODM, mold, tooling, die, post manufacturing, manual assembly and delivery service.  We handle the tough assignments; in fact, we excel at them.   At Sincere Tech, we design and manufacture Mold, molding parts, die, tooling, custom products and precision machined parts for a host of industries from medical and […]

FFP2 Face Mask Protect your health from Covid-19

With the spread of Covid-19, wearing FFP2 face mask has become the “new normal.” It has become mandatory for everyone to cover their face whenever moving out in public. During the pandemic time, we have been introduced to many types of face masks. Now the question is which one is most effective against Covid-19? Today, […]

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There is much controversy argument on FFP1 FFP2 FFP3 face marks. First, FFP face marks are tools whose purpose is to prevent the spread of disease within the community. It can be either through isolation, laser, medical, procedure, dental or surgical masks use. Face masks are designed in a way to protect and cover the […]

Rapid prototyping manufacturing

Rapid prototyping manufacturing is a process that employs additive fabrication technology ( rapid prototyping) to produce end-use items. Directly from CAD data, components are manufactured without molding, casting, or machining. The impact of rapid manufacturing is far-reaching, and the opportunities and advantages are extensive. This is why rapid manufacturing is heralded as the next industrial […]

Stamping metal parts

Metal stamping is a process of converting flat metal into specific shapes. The applications of the metal stamping process are of wide range. It produces not only simple and small stamping items like weights, metal clips, washers, brackets, and springs but also complex stamping designs e.g. designs of friction plates and engine bases. The metals […]

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Toys

Plastics are fundamental mixes in our everyday life. PC frill, plastic injection molding toys, kitchen utensils, and numerous other family unit things which we utilize each day have experienced the trim procedures. The trim procedure isn’t hard to comprehend. In basic terms, it includes moving fluid plastic into shape at that point enabling it to […]