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Olayer, was started 2017, at first we make some electric parts, export plastic molds, molded goods, metal elements, at April, 2020, we started to make FFP2 face cover to support handling the coronas problem, after 2021, middle of Sep, we bought a hair styling tools manufacturer/supplier, who was manufacture hair style tools, such as hair straightener brush, hot hair blowing dryer, hair curlers machines, etc.

Today, we focusing on creating and producing several of hair style tools items, mainly in negative ion hair dryer, Ceramic ion hair straightener, hair straightener brush, ceramic hair curling irons etc we own a huge quantity of advanced tools and inhouse mold shop, molding shop to save you over 60% of investment for your OEM new hair styling tools, an expert team of dedicated management staff members, powerful capability of techniques, top quality control at competitive pricing level.

By our rich knowledge of manufacturing hair fashions tools over 15 years since 2006, we made the highest quality of hair styling tools and had been support lots of hair tools wholesalers or retail companies over the world and built the high reputation at our customers.

We have ISO9001:2015 international quality management system authentication, all of our Ceramic hair flat iron and other hair curling tools passed CE, GS, RoHS, ETL, CETL and many other international certificates.

Special requirement is provided rendering to customer requirement, OEM/ODM service for your own hair straightening flat iron, hair rollers, or other electronic devices, custom LOGO service is available on our currently hair irons tools.

If you are looking for any hair straightener manufacturer and other hair style irons wholesale company in China, we will be one of your best team together. Contact us to discuss more detail.


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