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The combined excellence of the Moldflow Centre for Plastic Testing and Research and C-MOLD‘s Polymer Laboratory have been brought together to form Moldflow Plastics Labs. With the combined experience of 25 years and more than 4,000 grades, the labs are the leaders in material characterization for plastics processing. Moldflow Plastics Labs offer a comprehensive range of both standard and innovative tests to provide complete and accurate material characterization data for use within Moldflow and C-MOLD simulation software.

Established in April 1986, Moldflow’s material testing service offers a comprehensive range of standard and special tests to provide complete and accurate material characterization data for use with Moldflow’s simulation software.
With facilities in Australia and the US, we are able to meet the needs of our global market in a timely and cost effective manner.

Along with a comprehensive suite of standardized test methods, Moldflow Plastics Labs are the only providers of many specialized and innovative measurement techniques that yield greater simulation accuracy. Among our unique capabilities are mold shrinkage measurements, injection molding data verification, slit-die thermoset rheology, and proprietary model fitting.

The labs are an integral part of Moldflow’s software development and testing. This ensures a ready exchange of knowledge and skills, which drives the continuous improvement of testing and simulation technology.

In the modern world with common use of the Internet, there are companies that do business with each other for years and never lay eyes on each other. If the initial contact between the company and the rapid prototyping firm has been a good one and as some would say lucky, then all goes well. If not, a minor disaster may happen. This article will help you avoid some of those problems with your next rapid prototyping firm. ! Check Out the Rapid Prototyping Staff

In a rapid prototyping firm, the skill level of the people doing the work is crucial. No matter how the good front office is, it’s the people that produce the product you need that determine the quality of the work you receive. You can help to insure a high quality threshold by investigating the staff. How? Read the “About us Page” if they have one. If a rapid prototyping firm has something worth publishing about the staff, you will likely find it there. ! Look For Rapid Prototyping Innovations

Rapid Prototyping services
Rapid Prototyping services

We all know that a rapid prototyping firm is on the cutting of technology. In such a competitive business, innovation is likely. We also realize innovation often cuts costs and can produce a better product. No rapid prototyping firm will tell you exactly what new or different process and or technology they are applying if they hope to continue to profit from it. However, they are likely to leave hints on their site. ! Wide Range of Rapid Prototyping Services

A rapid prototyping firm that offers a wide range of services has a special knowledge base gained from experience that will enable them to blend the various processes together to produce a better product. Sometimes that rapid prototyping company will have suggestions that will also save you time and money. Also, a full-service rapid prototyping firm can offer better service and may offer discounts as well. ! View the Rapid Prototyping Products Pictures

The pictures used in the sales presentation of a rapid prototyping company tell you a lot about the firm. Look for diversity of shape, size and type. Take a special look at the very small parts for detail. If the rapid prototyping firm does a good job on the small ones, you may feel comfortable with any size part they produce.

! Rapid Prototyping Conclusions

Use the web site of the Rapid Prototyping firm you are considering. Read the “About us Page”. Look for signs of innovation in their products section. Look for employee information that suggests the skill level of the Hands-On people. Review the pictures on the web site. They tell you a lot about the skill level of the Hands-On people that end up doing your work. May your next rapid prototyping choice start a happy relationship.

Cast iron plate are used for all kinds of inspection work, such as precision measuring datum plane, all kinds of machine mechanical inspection measurement, check the size of the precision of the parts, and do a deviation, and make the precision marking. In the mechanical manufacturing cast iron plate is also an indispensable basic tools. Botou constant communication machine casting measuring tool . Is located in the south of the tianjin botou city, is the production tools, measuring tool specialized company. My company mainly produces all kinds of adjustment, crossed flat, shock machine pad iron, jack, can also be customized according to customer demand of machine tools of various types pad iron. Measuring tool series have flat feet, square box, and the true square, curved plate, V type rack (iron), partial pendulum tester and “00” class rock (marble) plate, measuring tool measuring tool, etc.

Cast iron plate design technical requirements according to the general law of the People’s Republic of mechanical industry standards JB/T 7974-2000 design, according to the national GB4986-85 standard manufacturing plate accuracy grade have 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, level and fine plane, plate made of steel plate and box type, face a rectangle, square or circular. The working face scraping process, working face can be processed V, T, u-shaped slot and round hole, the long hole, etc.

Cast iron plate work refers to the flatness tolerance plate actual working face and distance to the smallest two parallel plane distance between, the value that can press diagonal line method, the loop method of the test results obtained “base transformation”. Plate work surface flatness is a measure of the quality of the main plate precision index. According to the flat face flatness tolerance allowable value identify plate accurate level, so we must attach importance to flat face plane degree test. Flat flatness verification accuracy is flat use quality assurance. Material: is made by the high strength cast iron HT200 – HT300 manufacturing, face hardness: HB170-240.

Working with plastic molds isn’t always easy, as mold maker at  hyx mold, know. The Plastic mold company offers plastic mold making and plastic molding services for the automotive, electric, home appliance, industrial, food package, and consumer products industries.

The company’s greatest challenge is to design and make the tooling and molds for custom injection molding parts. The majority of the plastic molding parts the company helps to develop are functional assemblies and complex tool actions, thin wall molding, 2k injection molding, over molding etc. 

“Customers expect us to help them reduce manufacturing costs through weight reduction and design for part and mold,” Panziera said. “We’re also expected to reduce development time to market of new products, and to validate design parameters through the use of CAE tools prior to the start of hard tooling.”

Design for automation means that the tools must be rugged enough to use again and again.

The CAE tools include plastic simulation software from Moldflow of Wayland, Mass.

The software enables engineers to reduce weight and to ensure that parts can be molded and can pass validation testing.

“Material reductions of even a few grams can provide significant cost savings,” Panziera said. “Cosmetic issues such as sink, warp, and blemishes can be addressed before tooling is produced, potentially saving thousands of dollars in tool revisions.”

For instance, a General Motors tier one automotive supplier recently approached Axiomatic for help with a troublesome chrome-plated, plastic inside-door handle, he said.

“The supplier had numerous problems with the gate blush and sink marks that only appeared after the parts had been plated. The high scrap rate and numerous tooling changes to attempt to remedy the problem were very costly,” Panziera said.

Axiomatic used Moldflow software to determine the best location, profile, and shape of the gate. The result was a dramatic reduction in scrap rate, to nearly zero, he said.

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plastic moulding industry

A new report from Hyx plastic mold identifies the 750 most important manufacturers in Spain, where the injection molding industry is experiencing important changes. The process of consolidation and expansion that is taking place elsewhere in Europe is also occurring in Spain.

AMI says in its report that many of the leading privately owned companies are being taken over by larger groups, very often multinationals, and that companies have been incredibly innovative in the areas of design and engineering.

The largest end-user market is the packaging industry, which accounted for 26% of polymer usage in 2001. Although this sector tends to include some of the largest plastic molding groups—such as PET Preform mold Making manufacturer Schmalbach Lubeca (now owned by Amcor) and Holanplast (part of the Guala Closures Group)—many privately owned companies also focus their production on the cosmetics and food packaging markets.

plastic molds
plastic molds

Spain also has a large and well-developed plastic moulding industry serving the automotive sector, which accounted for 25% of polymer usage last year. Some of the leading international groups in this sector are Guardian, Venture, Visteon, Schefenacker and Faurecia. Spanish groups such as Grupo Iberofón, Zanini Auto Grup, and Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa hold important positions in this market as well.

According to the report, electrical goods, furniture, and household items are also significant within the Spanish plastics industry.

AMI’s analysis shows that the consumption of thermoplastics injection molding has increased on average by 7% per year throughout the 1990s. During the 2000-2005 period, the demand for injection molding in Spain is expected to grow above the average for thermoplastics overall, at approximately 5% per year.

Medical Plastic Material

The use of plastic materials is for medical plastic molding, in the medical field is constantly increasing and is estimated to reach 4 billion dollars in two years (only in the US).
The need to reduce healthcare cost and use of disposable medical supplies are important factors generating higher demand for medical plastics.
New materials, with improved properties, are developed in order to satisfy the requirements of infection control standards.
New studies and tests are conducted to determine the biological reactivity of polymeric materials.
Currently, plastics are graded on a scale of Class I to Class VI, which is done by injecting extracts of the test material intracutaneously into rabbits and mice.
Plastics not requiring implantation testing are graded Class I, II, III, or V and those plastics requiring implantation testing are graded Class IV or VI.
Guidance for the use of plastics in the manufacture of medical devices not being provided in the past, the medical device industry has primarily used Class VI plastics. The overuse of Class VI plastics is due to the assumption that its advanced level of testing the legal and biological risks are reduced. This leads to manufacturers avoiding the use of a number of appropriate and preferable plastics or polymers.
Packaging of medical plastic parts, tubes and pharmaceutical closures are also applications for plastic materials.
The high impact and chemical resistance as well as excellent resistance to steam exposure of some materials (like polyphenylsulfone) is making them a strong choice for products that need to be sterilized.

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Customer Service

Reorganization of service procedures and additions to hyx‘s complement of CNC engineers means that service by the company’s dedicated engineers is now easier to arrange.

hyx’s Leicester service manager Dick Westland says, “Only our own engineers and the machine builder have access to the most relevant service and technical information. This means that we are in a unique position to diagnose and solve service issues quickly, usually without the added cost of multiple visits.”

Westland adds, “With the increasing sophistication of the hyx’s digital TNC packages and measuring systems, only engineers familiar with the equipment can provide efficient service. We have made specific changes to make it easier and cheaper for TNC customers to use us for field service.”

Engineers are based at hyx’s Burgess Hill and Leicester offices in the United Kingdom, and the company claims to have some of the most competitive service rates in the industry. Using a central diary system, engineers can be quickly allocated to each assignment so that downtime is kept to a minimum. All use the latest Heidenhain test and diagnostic equipment.

https://www.abceo.com/ is an independent portal providing technical information for  the polymer industry and end-user industries including the automotive mold /molding,   construction molding parts, electrical molded parts, medical plastic parts ( go to https://www.plasticmold.net/medical-plastic-parts/ ) to know more, plastic packaging and polyurethane sectors.
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Mold Builder in America

The American Mold Builders Association, in conjunction with the group’s 30th anniversary in 2003, has announced the establishment of a new Mold Builder of the Year Award. This first annual event offers AMBA members the opportunity to nominate one of their peers or themselves for this prestigious honor.

The Mold Builder of the Year Award was created to recognize outstanding contributions made by an AMBA member. The recipient of the award will be an outstanding business leader, dedicated to the industry, and an active member of AMBA.

Mold builders tend to be ‘behind-the-scenes’ guys, so we want them to step forward and showcase the best of the best of the industry,” says Scott Harris, president of Harris Precision Mold in Tempe, Arizona, and president of the AMBA.

Criteria for eligible nominees can be found on the AMBA website. Nominations can be submitted by filling out the nomination form there, or from a mass e-mailing that is scheduled to be sent to all members of the organization. Three independent judges from the industry will review the nominations. The deadline for submitting nominations is January 15, 2003.

The Mold Builder of the Year will be honored at the upcoming AMBA Annual Convention in Amelia Island, Florida, March 18–23, 2003.

plastic mold builders
plastic mold builders

The American Plastic Mold Builders Association is the largest mold building trade organization in North America, with more than 400 members and 12 chapters in 35 states.go to one of China Mold builders by click https://www.hao-mold.com/

Advantages of hao-mold.com

Alon Zelzion has been named as the new vice president of marketing at hao-mold.com. He brings 23 years of marketing, business development and management experience to this major developer of CAD/CAM solutions for the tooling industry.

“Zelzion is an accomplished executive with extensive marketing and business experience,” says Nitzan Sapir, president and CEO of Cimatron. “His entrepreneurial spirit, his experience in international business, and his background in software in a number of industries make him an excellent choice to lead new initiatives in corporate marketing and business development.”

Through its data-to-steel product philosophy, Cimatron is committed to providing mold, tool, and die makers with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that streamline manufacturing cycles, enable collaboration with outside vendors, and ultimately shorten product delivery time.

According to the latest review of the plastics processing industry in Poland issued by the Applied Market Information Group (AMI), there are signs that growth in that industry may have peaked. Although there have been substantial increases in polymer consumption in Poland recently—the market is expected to have advanced by nearly half a million tonnes in the five-year period 1997-2002—rates of expansion have slowed notably in the past two years. Polish polymer demand is expected to be up no more than 5% in 2002, compared with 8% growth in 2001 and 11% in 2000.

The AMI report characterizes the Polish plastics processing industry as highly fragmented, with a large number of small, family businesses. AMI’s report details over 1,300 of the most important companies. The processes carried out by these companies are illustrated in the pie chart shown above. (Some companies carry out more than one process, so there is some double counting.)

The largest number of companies are involved in injection moulding. There has been considerable growth in this sector as foreign-owned component suppliers moved in as suppliers to automotive and appliance manufacturers.

While injection moulders are the most numerous, the largest sector of the plastics processing industry in Poland in terms of volume is film extrusion. Again, there has been increasing investment by foreign companies.

Nearly all other sectors of plastics processing have seen considerable involvement from Western-owned groups. However, while Poland has been very successful in attracting high levels of foreign direct investment (FDI)— some $7.14 billion for 2001—approximately 70% of processors identified by AMI are privately owned.

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